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Are YOU considering a move to Malibu, California, then YOU might like to know a bit about life here in the BU!  I would like to share a bit of my life, my world in Malibu, California.  I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri, moved here in 1981 and I have chosen to call Malibu my home for the many reasons that I am happy to share with you.


Many families chose to move to Malibu for the quality of the schools.  Many families who have spent thousands of dollars on private schools in the LA area give up and move to Malibu to save money on the tuition.  Malibu High School is a bit like a private school, small in size and well managed.  The graduating class has between 123-155 students, so the experience is more family like for the students.  Many of the teachers live in Malibu and interact with the students in other venues.  There are three elementary schools.  All of them are highly rated by the state.  My son went to Webster Elementary and he had a wonderful experience at this school.  However, if one of your children is not doing well there, you can apply to move them to one of the other elementary schools, which is a great option.  Furthermore, since we are part of the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District, you can also opt to attend Santa Monica High School or one of their Charter Schools.  Please refer to my website https://www.beverlytaki.com for a complete list of private and public schools in the area.


Last night I went to a play at Pepperdine University at Smothers Theater. Pepperdine University is a valuable asset in this community.  They offer a wealth of arts, sports, and a vast array of resources to the members of the Malibu community.   Their theatre draws not only student productions, but, many well-known artists.  They have concerts, a wonderful art museum, sporting events that the families attend.  They hold summer camps if your children want to excel in different sports or cheerleading camps!  Their campus offers many amenities for the residents of Malibu to utilize.  Best of all, if you need babysitters or tutors, they have students that make themselves available. https://www.pepperdine.edu for complete information.

The lifestyle in Malibu is perfect.  You see nature every day, you smell good aromas from the ocean and plants, you see beauty and open space and you avoid the traffic on a weekend for just getting around town on errands. Yet, you are close to the miracles of Los Angeles and all the fine arts and amenities that the expansive city has to offer.


Serra Retreat is one of those beauties that you look at on top of the hill.  It is an old Franciscan Retreat overlooking the area.  It is utilized for retreats, weekend for church groups, etc., View this link for more information, https://www.serraretreat.com.  Under the hills of the retreat is a gorgeous neighborhood that many celebrities call home. 


Malibu has several family neighborhoods such as Malibu Park and Malibu West, which is near Juan Cabrillo Elementary, the middle school and Malibu High School.  This area is across from world famous Zuma Beach, where the kids love to go.


The more eastern Neighborhoods would be:  Sunset Mesa; the closest to town, next door to the Getty Museum, Big Rock Area, Serra Retreat, Malibu Country Estates and then Point Dume which is in the middle of Malibu.


Point Dume is the most popular neighborhood for families.  The lots are all large and the kids can walk around on the new sidewalks all the way to the elementary school, to the park and to the market.   Point Dume homes sell very quickly!!! 


Malibu is not primarily celebrity at all, that is a major fallacy.  In fact, the median household income is more like $100,000. 


Malibu is more about families looking for quality of life to raise their families.  As evidenced by the fact that we used to have 2 elementary schools and we had to open a 3rd.  Malibu High has only been open about 15 years, as the parents pushed to open it versus sending their kids into Santa Monica for high school.  The parents are driven here, they help out at the schools, they are active in fund-raising, and they work to make the schools what they are, as the administrators can´t do it alone.


The parents are also active in the Little League, Soccer League, and the ballet studios.  The kids love to swim, surf, walk the beaches, sand parties, and hike in the many state and national parklands, where you see California native plants growing wild with beauty.  The kids here are outdoors a great deal.  Most of the homes have nice backyards, open space for romping and the beauty of the homes is more defined by the landscaping and outdoor living spaces than sometimes the indoor look and feel.


Personally, I go to the valley to shop.  I  like to drive over Malibu Canyon Road to Woodland Hills for my nails, car wash,  visits to major shopping malls, movies, Costco and some dining.  Many  effluent Malibu residents do the same.  You go to parties in Malibu and you recognize the Costco food, plates and party platters, etc., it´s a bit funny, but true!!


Santa Monica is a very busy shopping area and parking is a challenge. I go there now and then to The Third Street Promenade, which is fun for movies, shopping and food, but, you look hard for parking and you pay to park most anywhere. Thus, driving to the valley, where parking is always available and at no cost works just great!


So, if any of what I have just told you entices you, it may be fun to lease in Malibu, giving you the option to enjoy the wonders of Malibu.  Meanwhile, you may Fall in Love with the wonders of Malibu that has attracted me and maintained within my heart for 26 years.  A conservative girl from St. Louis who has now found comfort in the people, friends and environment in Malibu, California!


Yes, Malibu has fires, mudslides, traffic accidents, septic and geological problems, but those are only small inconveniences of life that go away.  What stays is solid and that´s our Malibu Lifestyle that we are willing to pay a premium for to protect that way of life!


It would be my greatest pleasure to provide you a complete and fun tour the next time you are visiting Malibu in pursuit of your real estate dreams!  For now, I welcome and further questions about Malibu and its lifestyle!


Best regards,


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